Dynamis, organic fruits and vegetables since 1991 

organic fruits and vegetables Demeter
Organic fruit
and vegetables
Organic fruit
and vegetables
wholesaler since 1991

Dynamis; its strategic location in the heart of the international market of Rungis, its daily arrivals and departures all over Europe, will ensure a regular and optimum freshness supply.

In delivery or removal in its warehouses, package to pallet, from Paris throughout all Europe, our powerful and flexible supply will meet your needs according to your requests.

Our expertise in organic products for over 20 years, allows us to build trusted relationship with all our producers. Our global vision of ecology encourages us to focus on green transport to minimize our environmental footprint (boat, train...).

We support our partners to satisfy their customers with our advices while working for the respect of the environment.


    Our team is at your disposal to offer the best logistic solution to suit your needs fruit and vegetables.

      • From package to pallets
      • Delivery in 24 hours throughout the Ile-de-France
      • Removal  in our warehouse
      • 6 d / 7


   Our team study the quickest logistic solution for your order be delivered throughout France.

      • 24/48h delivery
      • Removal in our warehouse


    Our multilingual team is at your disposal to offer the most appropriate logistics to be delivered as soon as possible.

      • Daily departures
      • Delivery within 24/72h in Europe
      • Strategic warehouses location
      • More than 7000 tonnes / year